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Leave your message and make it fly. This curious guestbook works with a keyboard for writing comments that become the dandelion's seeds, and a microphone that, blowing it, will make them fly.

The Dandelion is a mysterious flower with curative properties, related sometimes to the magic. For this reason, area3 presents an interactive installation that is a guestbook full of surprises and poetry. The public can write his/her messages with the keyboard The written messages disappear from the screen slowly but are registered in a database because Dandelion is a memories album, feelings and words full of poetry.

Made with Processing under Creative Commons licence.

Festivals and installations:
American University of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2007
La noche en blanco, Caixaforum, Madrid, 2007
Nit de l’Art, Caixaforum, Palma de Mallorca, 2007
Australia Sony Cybershot Festival 2007
CanariasMediafest, Festival Internacional de Artes y Culturas Digitales de Gran Canaria, 2006
Centre cívic Golferichs, 2005.

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