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Seven years collaborating with Carlos Ann are the testimony of a narrow relation in which area3 has made all kinds of projects for the musician.

In 2001, design of the CD Entre lujos y otras miserias, produced by Howie B and edited by Moviedisco Records.
In 2002, design of the singer ‘s website from the aesthetics pop that had inspired the disc, and creation of an interactive videoclip for one of the songs of the CD entitled Si tú quieres mi princesa.
In 2003, design of the CD Bushido.
In 2004, design of the CD-book Leopoldo María Panero, posters and projections in live show.
In 2005, design of the CD Descarado and creation of a special web for the launch of the album, an original website which was in line with the content of the disc. The intimate and bohemian character of Carlos Ann is reflected in a bar of dense atmosphere steeped in absenta where it is possible to hear the songs of the disc in a jukebox that plays the singles. Secret corners, unique photos and mysterious postcards complete the experimental site of this exceptional musician.
In 2006, design of the DVD Una noche con Panero.
In 2007, design of the CD La Nada.
In 2008, design of the CD Bala Perdida.

The current official website of the musician has been designed also by area3. There is information about the path of the artist: recordings, letters, videoclips, photos, book of visits, downloads and press documents.